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A series of five large carved stone Metope elements in the Baroque Roman Revival manner.
They form a running frieze, the elements all being the same height, depicting several hunting and animal scenes. A wild boar hunt, a lion hunt and youths feeding goats centred by putti heralds blowing horns.The heads of the youthful hunters having being removed which could indicate they date from before the 17th century Commonwealth period of Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans, 1649-1660 when the Roundhead Parliamentry troops frequently defaced human features on statues for their so-called association with idolatry.
English or Welsh, 17-18th century.

Notes: The beheading and other acts of vandalism carried out on figurative carving was a regular practice done in the name of Puritanism at the order of Oliver Cromwell after Englands 17th century short lived Revolution and establishment of a Republic / Commonwealth (1649-1660) and before the restoration of the Stuart monarchy to the throne. See also our sold stock no 2871,
a pair of 17th century carved angels. whose faces were also removed, bought in an attic and stables sale at Hatfield House.

Condition: To be expected in a relic there are missing detail elements, apart from the presumed Cromwellian destruction, which could be reinstated. But part of the charm of these huge carved elements lies in leaving them in this unrestored state.

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width height depth
Overall running length. 400"
1016 cms
22 1316"
58 cms

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